Clientes/References of Internationalization

La lista de referencias/clientes es mucho más amplia que lo mencionado como ejemplos típicos, para no hacer la lista prolija y que dichas referencia pierdan la perspectiva del tipo de asistencia/consultoría que suministra BYNAL CONSULTORES. Las anteriores referencias de clientes es una muestra de la diversidad de los mismos y sus diferentes áreas en los que se desarrollan. Desde su fundación, BYNAL CONSULTORES ha asesorado unas cien empresas en las áreas mencionadas de su “expertise” y “know-how”. Por favor envíenos su correo electrónico y le informaremos acerca de nuestros servicios.➡

The list of clients/references of internationalization shown below represents only a typical group of companies for which BYNAL CONSULTORES has provided its services. It represents a small number of companies giving a perspective of the total number served; BC has collaborated with close to one hundred companies since its foundation in 1989. The references of clients show the different areas in which BYNAL CONSULTORES works with its expertise and know-how. Please send us your email and we will inform you further about our services.➡


Su mensaje

  • ABC arquitectura e ingeniería

    Spain, USA, China. Specialized in designing  shops,  F&B restaurants (fast food), hospitality.
  • ADEX

    Spain. Develops and produces Advanced  Systems of Control Adaptive  Predictive Expert (APEC).
  • ÁRGOLA Arquitectos

    Spain. An architectural practice that covers all typologies but its specialty is health architecture with close  to one hundred hospitals.
  • BICG

    Spain, Germany. Strategic consultants including: setting up offices, energy conservation, labor optimization, etc.
  • BOD Arquitectura e Ingeniería

    Spain. Specialized in projects for newspaper production (Installation of printing presses to print daily newspapers ).

    Spain. Engineering specialized in installations to control cement production and transport cement and other products.
  • Combisa

    A Spanish engineering company  specialized in the supply of complete industrial installations including industrial turn-key installations.

    Spain. Provides full services for civil engineering and new developments for eolic  towers

    Spain. This company produces metallic furniture for pharmaceutical laboratories, universities and R&D centers.

    Spain. Supplies packaged dosage units for many industries, such as: oil and gas, chemical, energy, cement, pharmaceutical.

    France. Viability study for the acquisition of a Spanish company to implement its commercial presence in the market.
  • Garden & Golf

    Spain. Designs and builds golf courses and maintens golf courses.
  • GOP Arquitectos

    Spain. This architectural company has special experience in airports and airport towers.

    Spain. BC provided advising and consulting services for the introduction of this company in several markets, including North Africa, EU, and others.

    USA. This company, based in Austin, Texas, has technology to process and to treat slug from waste water treatment plants.
  • ICEX

    Spain. BC collaborates with ICEX (Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior) advising Spanish PYME´s in their internationalization.
  • INGENOR Ingenieros y Arquitectos

    España, China. An engineering company specialized in industrial installations and architectural projects.

    Spain. This company engineers and manufactures equipment to supply combustibles to aviation clients. BC worked with them in their development.
  • LAMELA Arquitectos

    Spain. One of the biggest architectural practices in Spain covering all typologies of architecture with an important presence in architecture of sports (Real Madrid Stadium).
  • MENIS Arquitectos

    Spain. Its principal architect, Fernando Menis, is  an internationally renowned  architect  with important projects in Poland, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, etc,

    Spain. This company manufactures urban furniture and children grounds play.
  • OKI

    Japan. BC supplied consulting services in  establishing and controlling the commercial structure in the Spanish market.

    UK.  Subsidiary of PB (the above company). BC provided consulting and advisory services to develop the Spanish market.

    USA. The biggest engineering company in the world specialized in transport. BC prepared  a viability study for them.
  • RFA Fenwick Iribarren Arquitectos

    Spain, Qatar.  An architectural practice specialized  in sports architecture and commercial malls.

    Spain. Provides e-learning courses  mainly for graduates in engineering.
  • TECNITEST Ingenieros

    Spain.  Spanish company specialized in the production and commercialization of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) systems.
  • TEKIA Ingenieros

    Spain. Engineering company  specialized in transport and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems).
  • TRN Ingeniería

    Spain. An engineering company specialized in High Speed  RR  and underground subways (metro).